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A very special ouzo meze


  1. Put the garlic, the pepper and the salt in the mortar and grind them

  2. Add the parsley and the thyme and grind

  3. Add the oil and the lemon zest

  4. Transfer the mix to a plate

  5. Add the paprika to the flour and stir. Add a little water and stir with the whisk until smooth.

  6. Fill the anchovy fillets with the mix and dip them in flour

  7. In a pan with oil add a clove of garlic to flavor it and turn on the heat

  8. Dip the anchovies in the batter

  9. Place the anchovies in a pan and the peppers inbetween and fry


6 anchovies (fresh) or more 

some leaves of parsley 

some fresh savory leaves 

some olive oil 

Zest of half a lemon 

Salt + pepper 

For the dough

3 tbsp flour 

1 teaspoon paprika   


Heading 3

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