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Fasolada - Haricot bean soup

Traditional Greek soup slowly cooked on a wood-fire


  1. Soak the beans overnight

  2. Chop the vegetables

  3. Put the beans, after draining them, in a pot of fresh cold water and boil them. Once the water boils replace it with some fresh cold water.

  4. Add half the olive oil and all the other ingredients except the salt.

  5. Once the beans are soft, season with salt and continue cooking on a very low heat

  6. Once the bean soup boils, remove it from the heat and leave it for a while so that the aromas bind.


500g white haricot beans dry

2 medium onions

4-5 carrots

3-4 sprigs of celery

1 can of peeled tomatoes

1 tblsp. Tomato paste

1 garlic clove

100 ml of virgin olive oil

Salt + pepper

Heading 3

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