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Fisherman's soup - Kakavia

Cooked on the beach


  1. Clean the fish and wash them

  2. Season them with salt and place them in the colander

  3. Clean and chop the potatoes in half and place them in the pot

  4. Cut the onions crosswise and place them in the pot as well

  5. Add a carrot

  6. Add the fish

  7. Boil for 30 minutes

  8. Add the olive oil

  9. Boil for another 2 minutes and remove the fish

  10. Simmer the kakavia until half the water evaporates

  11. Add some citric acid and or lemon


1-1.5 kg of mixed fish

4 potatoes medium size

4-5 medium onions

1 glass of olive oil

1 carrot (optional)

Citric acid or lemon

Salt and pepper

Heading 3

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