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Fried aubergines in tomato sauce and yoghurt

A delicious recipe from Smyrna


  1. Chop the eggplant into small square pieces, add salt and leave it in a colander to drain

  2. In a bowl place the yogurt and five cloves of melted garlic and salt

  3. Flour the aubergines, fry them and place them on absorbent paper.

  4. Grate the tomatoes

  5. Add chopped dill and mint, salt, sugar, oregano and freshly ground pepper

  6. Optionally, finely chop a chili pepper

  7. Fry the hot pepper in a little hot olive oil and add the tomato

  8. Let it boil on medium heat for about 30 minutes

  9. Once all the ingredients have cooled, mix them gently in a bowl


A large aubergine (eggplant) 

A little chopped dill

a little salt,

black pepper


½ tbsp. sugar

chili flakes as much as we want

1 kilo of fresh ripe tomatoes

some mint, chopped

1 strained yogurt 250 grams


Peppers for garnish

Heading 3

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