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Greek sausages with orange


  1. Bake the orange peels at 100 degrees for about 30 minutes until crispy.  Crumble them with your hands.

  2. Place in the mortar all the spices and herbs except the orange peel, the celery stick and the garlic.

  3. After you crash them in the mortar add the garlic.

  4. Cut the meat into pieces.

  5. Mix wine and spices in a marinade with which you add on the meat and mix well.

  6. Pass the meat once through the thick plate of the mincer.

  7. Also pass the celery sticks through the machine.

  8. Add the chili and mix very well.

  9. Leave overnight in the fridge covered.

  10. Shape a meatball and bake it to check the seasoning.

  11. Stuff the intestines.

  12. If it blisters in some places, pierce them with a toothpick to release the air.

  13. Tie with string and hang in a cool and ventilated room for 4 to 5 days.

  14. Stpre in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer unless you will eat them straight away.


For 3kg meat

800 g of beef neck 

1150 g of pork neck 

1050 g pork belly


60 g of salt  

10 g of sugar 

4.5 g cumin

1.5 g of coriander    

3 g oregano  

21 g garlic 

2.3 g of cayenne pepper 

1.5 g of marjoram    

7 g pepper black 

2.5 g of chili 

100 g celery stick 

1 g of cinnamon 

2 g of thyme 

2 g of savory 

2 gr allspice 

150 ml of dry wine 

Orange peel of 2 oranges 

10 meters pork intestine

Heading 3

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