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Traditional and flavorsome, like in the older days


  1. In a pot with water put the meat cut into small pieces as well as the bay leaves and cook on low heat for 4 hours. After three hours add all the other spices and let it boil for another hour

  2. After you remove it from the fire, extract the bones and place the meat in bags, baking paper or cut plastic bottles as in the video and let them come to room temperature before putting them in the freezer.


Ingredients for 2 kg of meat

1 kg pork neck

1 kg prime beef

1 1/2 cups water

40 gr salt

4 gr (1 tsp) black pepper

2 gr (1 tsp) cumin

5 gr (2 Tsp) dried oregano

1 gr (1/2tsp) nutmeg

7 gr (1 Tbsp) mild chili flakes

3 gr (1 tsp) hot chili flakes

2 bay leaves

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