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Very easy to prepare and so delicious


  1. Boil the potatoes

  2. Mash them and let them cool down

  3. Add salt, pepper and oregano

  4. Add the cornflour and the spices of your preference

  5. Add the cheeses and mix well

  6. Knead well

  7. Sprinkle flour on non-stick paper and place the dough

  8. Sprinkle with starch and cover with another non-stick paper

  9. With the rolling pin, spread it over the paper to a thickness of 1 cm.

  10. Cut into sticks and place in the freezer

  11. Fry in hot seed oil until they get a nice color


500 g mashed potatoes (4 small)

50 g grated cheese (a handful)

100 g starch (1 cup)

Salt and pepper

some oregano

oil for frying

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