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Sofrito - Beef with garlic

A special recipe from Corfu


  1. Finely chop the parsley and save the stalks.

  2. Cut the garlic into thin slices

  3. Cut the meat in half and add salt and pepper on both sides.

  4. Put the oil in a pan and strain the meat.

  5. Place the parsley stalks in the bottom of a pot

  6. Saute the meat on both sides and place on a plate.

  7. Saute the garlic for 1 minute and add the parsley. I quench with vinegar.

  8. Place a layer of meat in the pot on the parsley stalks. Place half of the parsley and garlic mixture on top and repeat with another layer of meat and parsley.

  9. Cover the pot and simmer for about half an hour.


1 kg of veal in slices of about 1 cm.

10 cloves of garlic

1 - 2 bunches of parsley

150 ml white vinegar

18 - 20 g salt

freshly ground pepper


olive oil

Heading 3

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