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An authentic Italian recipe!


  1. Grate the cheese.

  2. Break the egg and the yolks in a bowl

  3. Cut the meat into small strips and put it in the pan without oil and sauté in its fat.

  4. Boil the spaghetti for 2 minutes less than the instructions on the package.

  5. Add the eggs to the cheese, add pepper and stir

  6. Once the pancetta is crispy, add a teaspoon of water from the spaghetti pot.

  7. Add the spaghetti al dente and gradually water from the pot until the cooking is complete.

  8. Add the eggs with the cheese and stir until the sauce sets.

  9. Serve and add a little more pepper and grated cheese.


300g of spaghetti 

100 g smoked pork belly 

2 egg yolk + 1 egg  

100 g Pecorino Romano (hard cheese) 

salt + pepper

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