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Fluffy dough and herbs aromatize the air


  1. Mix all the solid ingredients in a bowl

  2. Add the olive oil and warm water and mix with a wooden spoon first and then knead by hand for 8 to 10 minutes

  3. Cover it and let it rest for an hour

  4. On a floured counter, fold the dough 5-6 times with the spatula and a few more times by hand

  5. Shape it into a ball and then spread it to the shape of your baking tray

  6.  Place non-stick paper on the baking sheet and brush a little olive oil.

  7. Sprinkle with some semolina and spread the dough over the entire surface

  8. Cover and let it rest for 20 minutes

  9. Mince the garlic and remove a slice of the cherry tomatoes from the stalk side

  10. Press the dough with your fingers and create dimples.

  11. Inside the dimples place salt, garlic, oregano and thyme.

  12. On top place a cherry tomato with the cut side down

  13. Cover and let it rest for 20 minutes

  14. Preheat the oven at 220 degrees Celsius without the fan

  15. Sprinkle the edges of the dough with a little flour

  16. Bake on the lower shelve for about 30 minutes or until nicely browned

  17. Remove from the oven and place basil leaves and marjoran leaves on top.


500 g all-purpose flour 

25 g coarse-grain durum wheat semolina 

12 grams of salt 

7 grams of dry yeast 

50ml olive oil 

300 ml lukewarm water 

3 cloves of garlic 

500 g colored cherry tomatoes 

1 tsp dry oregano 

1 tsp dried thyme 

Some coarse sea salt 

Basil leaves as desired 

Fresh marjoram leaves as desired 

30-40 ml olive oil for the top

Heading 3

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