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Roast chicken with potatoes


  1. Mix all the marinade ingredients and rub on the chicken inside and out.

  2. Chop the parsley, onions and lemons.

  3. First I place a whole onion at the base of the spit, the chicken on top upside down and I fill it with the herbs.

  4. Score the skin and fix the legs

  5. Place half a lemon on top

  6. Tie the wings with string and place them in the fridge.

  7. Turn on the oven at 160 degrees Celsius with the air circulation.

  8. Boil the peeled potatoes for 6 minutes

  9. In a bowl, mix rosemary, salt and pepper

  10. Lightly press the boiled potatoes to break and sprinkle with the spice mixture. Add the olive oil and stir.

  11. Place the chicken in a pan in the center in a smaller pan and the potatoes round.

  12. Bake for an hour and a half and then another half hour at 200 degrees.


1 organic chicken 1400 gr. 

1 kg baby potatoes 

1/2 bunch of parsley 

15 g paprika mild 

1 bunch of thyme fresh 

4-5 cloves of garlic 

2-3 sprigs of rosemary 

100 g of butter 

100 ml of olive oil 

25 g salt 

black pepper 

2 onions 

2 organic lemons

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