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White Cabbage Dolmades with mince meat

With pickled cabbage.

Grilled salad from the Orient

A delicious appetizer, side dish or spread

Aubergine meatballs in tomato sauce

Vegan and delicious summer recipe

Fried aubergines in tomato sauce and yoghurt

A delicious recipe from Smyrna

Cuttlefish in a rich tomato sauce

A perfect meze for ouzo or tsipouro

Sun-dried Mackerel

Meze for ouzo

Vegetarian dolmades with romaine lettuce

Traditional Lenten recipe. Also works with chard.

Stuffed zucchini

With summer vegetables and creamy cheese filling

Tomato fritters from Evoia

An amazing summer meze

Spinach fritters

a Monastic recipe

Homemade jelly in the pig's bladder

According to an old house recipe

Stuffed pepper with feta cheese

The perfect companion for a glass of ouzo

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