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  About Grandpa Tassos  

Grandpa Tasos was born in 1955 in Katerini, Pieria. When he was three years old, he moved with his parents and three brothers to the village of Trilofos in Pieria where they lived until 1967 when they immigrated to Germany.


In Germany he learned the art of fur making which was his job until 1988 when he returned back to Greece. During this period he completed his 28-month military service (1975 - 1978).

In 1988 in Greece, he engaged in the tourist professions and maintained a tourist office in Katerini until 2006.


In 2006, after the death of his wife Tula, he again left for Germany where he worked for a transport company. He has been retired since 2020 and now has more time to do the cooking he loves so much!


Grandpa has a daughter and two grandchildren living in Sweden and a son and a granddaughter living in England.

He now lives in Germany with his partner and her mother, who are the lucky ones to taste everything he cooks!

Cooking has always been his great love and his first teacher was his mother, who when he was cooking and kneading had him by her side and showed him all her secrets.

Photography was also a great love of his and as he loves his gadgets, he always had a camera as well as a video camera. Even in times when camcorders needed a stroller to carry due to their size and weight!

So he combined his two loves and became a great channel master on social media!

Not that he imagined it, of course, when he jokingly posted some recipes on YouTube that he would one day have so many friends watching his videos!

Grandpa cooks, records, edits and makes the meals all by himself! So if sometimes a message escapes him and he does not respond, know that it is because he struggles to catch up! He really wants you to communicate with him and share photos and ideas with him!


Ο παππούς τσολιάς, 25η Μαρτίου 1961


Ο παππούς στον Τρίλοφο Πιερίας, 1962

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