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Roasted Pork neck

Like pulled pork!

Casserole mutton slow cooked

Uniquely cooked on the fire pit of steel-fire

Sun-dried Mackerel

Meze for ouzo

Pickled vegetables by Grandpa Tassos

Make your own pickles for the winter

Grilled flying squid

Served with Fava from Santorini


A very special Festive meze


Lamb offal a must for Greek Easter!

Homemade jelly in the pig's bladder

According to an old house recipe

Greek Vine Leaf Pita Recipe

Delicious - vegan - healthy

Tripe soup

A Greek classic soup ideal for hangover

Cuttlefish and mussels

A special meze for ouzo

How to make Ramen at home

Absolutely delicious

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