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Octopus with fennel and red wine

Monastic recipe from the monastic republic of Athos

Goat with chickpeas

Pot stew with roast pepper mash

Sofrito - Beef with garlic

A special recipe from Corfu

Fried pork chops

Soft, juice, tasty and ready in 30 minutes!

Cuttlefish in a rich tomato sauce

A perfect meze for ouzo or tsipouro

Fasolada - Haricot bean soup

Traditional Greek soup slowly cooked on a wood-fire

Stuffed burgers from the oven

With delicious filling and cheese.

Baked cabbage with rice

A really tasty Greek vegan dish

Spaghetti Carbonara

An authentic Italian recipe!

Roast chicken with tomatoes

A low cost and simple dish

Casserole mutton slow cooked

Uniquely cooked on the fire pit of steel-fire

The crispiest Pork belly

In a unique execution! Flavored with 10 spices and smoked salt crystals from Cyprus

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