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Roasted Pork neck

Like pulled pork!

Greek-Style Lamb and Potato Casserole:

With a summery, colorful salad of roasted vegetables.

Vibrant Mediterranean Rice with Colorful Peppers

A Burst of Flavor and Color

Fisherman's soup - Kakavia

Cooked on the beach

Stuffed burgers from the oven

With delicious filling and cheese.

Baked cabbage with rice

A really tasty Greek vegan dish

Rosti from the oven with creamy mushrooms

Served with a fresh cucumber salad

Delicious Keftedes with Creamy Greek Yogurt Sauce

A fantastic recipe


A traditional Greek sausage recipe with peppers.

Octopus with fennel and red wine

Monastic recipe from the monastic republic of Athos

Goat with chickpeas

Pot stew with roast pepper mash

Sofrito - Beef with garlic

A special recipe from Corfu

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