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  Breads & Dough  


Flatbread with sourdough and wholemeal flour

2 versions to chose the one you like

Make your own sourdough

With just flour and water

Delicious Cretan Börek

Courgette and Cheese Recipe traditionally baked in a stone oven in Germany

Open cheese pie from Kos

Lots of cheese, little dough

Pastrami pie from Kappadokia

A recipe from Anatolia

Vegan pizza

Make the easiest and fastest vegan pizza

Khachapuri or Peinirli

A specialty from Georgia with garlic ham

Cheese Pie Snail Shaped with Halloumi

Easy to prepare, great result

Sourdough Pizza!

An amazing sourdough pizza, baked in a wood-burning oven.

Homemade pie 4 in 1

One pie with 4 amazing flavors

Tsourekia traditional Greek Easter breads

Easy sweet breads step by step

Bretzel (Pretzel) rolls by little Elena

Seriously soft and tasty

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