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Cod on a bed of onions and garlic dip

Traditional recipe from Greece

Soft Christmas honey biscuits with walnuts - Melomakarona

A classic Greek Christmas treat

Beef Kebab

Veal ribs on a skewer

Melomakarona, Greek traditional Christmas treats

Christmas honey biscuits from Greece with honey and walnuts

Pumpkin pie

with sweetened condensed milk and caramelized chestnuts

Orange pie

Juicy and orangey

Pork Shanks with amazing roast potatoes

The most delicious ever!

Hünkârbeğendi beef stew with an eggplant mash

literally, 'the sultan liked it'

Breaded pork loin

Extra large 500gr

Apple walnut balls with cinnamon

Full of Christmas and winter scents

Pork stew in a honey and wine sauce

A Christmas dinner suggestion

Kourabiedes Greek almond biscuits

A buttery Christmas treat!

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