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Pork belly on a rotisserie

Grilled on charcoal

Meatloaf by Grandpa Tassos

You will need a dish of half a meter!

Pork Belly on the barbecue

In a unique execution

Meatballs from the charcoal grill

Surprisingly delicious

Homemade smoked sausages

A traditional Greek recipe

Burger patty stuffed with cheese

The famous burger of Kampakis which became legendary in Pieria in the 80's and 90's.


Lamb offal a must for Greek Easter!

Beef Kebab

Veal ribs on a skewer


A very special Festive meze

SEFTALIES from Cyprus

Juicy mince sausages with an amazing yogurt dip

Kokoretsi by Grandpa Tassos

Follow step by step the recipe for an amazing Easter delicacy.

Succulent Pork Kebab from Grandpa Tassos

Marinated with selected spices and herbs!

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