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A special meze for ouzo


1. Clean the cuttlefish

2. Salt the cuttlefish and mussels as well as the flour.

3. Flour and fry the cuttlefish first

4. Flour and add the mussels to the pan.

5. Quench with ouzo and as soon as it evaporates, remove the mussels and cuttlefish. Now put the onion, the garlic and the chili in the pan.

6. Add the lemon and mustard and after a while remove the chili.

7. Once they start to boil, add the seafood inside, add black pepper and leave them for another 2 minutes.


2 medium sized cuttlefish

6 mussels (without shell)

1 spring onion

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 teaspoon mustard

juice of a lemon

1 shot of ouzo

1 dried chili pepper

a little flour

salt and pepper

Heading 3

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