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With summer vegetables and creamy cheese filling


  1. Pass the zuccini through the mandolin and salt them

  2. Place them in a colander to drain

  3. Chop the pieces of zucchini that can't be used for the roll

  4. Chop the peppers, tomatoes, garlic

  5. Fry the onion and saute the peppers, chopped zucchini and garlic

  6. As soon as the vegetables soften, add tomato and tinned chopped tomatoes

  7. Season with salt and pepper and add the oregano

  8. Cover and cook on low heat.

  9. After 10 minutes, add the cream cheese and the parsley, mix and remove from the heat

  10. On non-stick paper, spread the zucchini strips side by side in two rows and sprinkle with olive oil

  11. Preheat the oven at 190° without the fan

  12. Place a layer of the filling leaving on one side two fingers without filling

  13. Pour grated cheese on top

  14. Roll up and place on the baking sheet

  15. Continue with the next rolls

  16. Sprinkle with cornmeal and grated mozzarella

  17. Bake on the bottom rack for about 45 minutes


4 zucchini (1 kg)

1 onion (150g)

½ red pepper

½ green pepper

2 green bell peppers

2 tomatoes (220g)

400 g of chopped tinned tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic

1 hot pepper (optional)

2 tbsp parsley

150g cream cheese

200g of feta cheese

100g mozzarella

50g parmesan or pecorino


Salt and pepper

Olive oil

A little cornmeal

Heading 3

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