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An olive bread and a cheese bread

with feta and dried tomatoes


  1. Place all the solid ingredients in a bowl and mix

  2. Make a little well in the middle and  place the liquid ingredients and mix

  3. Cover and leave for about an hour in a warm place

  4. Place the dough on a floured surface and fold it for 4 to 5 minutes

  5. Divide it in two

  6. Put some flour on a baking sheet and roll out the dough to approximately the size of the baking sheet

  7. Spread the olives and roll it up

  8. Place in a form with greaseproof paper, cover and leave for half an hour

  9. Do the same process for the cheese bread

  10. Score them and spray the olive bread with a little water

  11. Bake for 25 minutes covered with non-stick paper and another 35 minutes without paper at 200°


1 kg hard or yellow flour

16 g dry yeast

1 tbsp sugar

1 ½ tbsp. salt

20 ml of vinegar

680 ml lukewarm water

175 g pitted olives

250 g of feta cheese

50 g sun-dried tomato

Thyme, oregano, basil, (Dried as much as you want)

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