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Battered fried cod, Greek style

Traditional fried fish Greek style


  1. Chop the cured cod and place in cold water. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 2 days. replace the water every 6 hours.

  2. For the garlic sauce, soak the bread in water and drain.

  3. Mash the rest of the ingredients except for a handful of nuts and at the end add the bread and mix very well. Taste it and adjust the seasoning to your taste. At the end add in the coarsely chopped remaining nuts.

  4. For the batter, place all the ingredients in a bowl, cover and leave at room temperature for 4 hours.

  5. For the potato garlic, boil the potatoes, add all the ingredients and mash.

  6. Remove the skin of the cod and place it between absorbent paper, pressing the liquids out.

  7. Grind the cod in flour that you have salted and added pepper.

  8. Put pepper in the cod and put it in flour and then in the batter.

  9. Fry carefully. Place each piece in the oil waiting for it to start floating before you leave it so that it does not go to the bottom and stick

  10. Place the prepared pieces on a grill and place it in the oven at 100 -120 degrees with the door slightly open, to keep them warm, until all the pieces are fried.


1.5 kg cured cod

Vegetable oil and olive oil for frying

Garlic potato sauce

500 g. peeled potatoes

• 1 TEASPOON. salt

• 4 cloves of garlic

• 150 ml of olive oil

• 40 ml of white wine vinegar

• Salt

• Pepper, freshly ground

Garlic paste on bread:

• 250 g of white bread crooked

• 150 g walnuts

• 70 ml of olive oil

• 50 ml of white wine vinegar

• 4 cloves of garlic

• 3 g of salt

• Freshly ground pepper


300 g of flour

500 ml of sparkling mineral water

15 g fresh yeast, or 7 g dry

1 tablespoon of sugar

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