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Frygadelia, Lamb liver kebab

A very special delicacy for those who know


  1. In the pestle and mortar add the garlic, the pepper and a little oil and make a paste

  2. Cut the liver into even pieces

  3. Spread the suet and place two pieces of meat on top of each other. Cover them with the paste. Cut the suet around the perimeter and wrap it around the pieces of meat. Repeat with all the pieces.

  4. Pass through a spit skewer

  5. Fasten the pieces on the spit with string and sticks.

  6. Grillon high heat on the coals.

  7. Rub them with a lemon and olive oil mix here and there.

  8. Top up with already lit coals to keep the temperature constant.

  9. Remove from the heat when the meat reaches 93 degrees.


1kg lamb liver

1 suet from lamb

Garlic, salt and pepper as per your preference

Heading 3

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