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Irresistible kebabs


  1. Mash the garlic, add water and boil for 6 minutes.

  2. Add all the ingredients to the pot, stir and once it cools add it to the minced meat mixture. Mix well.

  3. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

  4. Beat in the mixer for 5 minutes

  5. Shape the kebab.

  6. Bake on the grill, on the kitchen grill or in the pan.


1,5 kg minced meat (1125 g beef & 375 g of lamb)                                           

100 ml of water 

50 ml sparkling water                                           

25 g salt                                           

12 g of baking soda                                          

 6 clove of garlic                                           

3 g black pepper                                           

1 g chilli powder

Heading 3

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