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In an original execution


  1. I prepare the brine. I put all the brine ingredients except the oil in a saucepan. Boil until the salt and sugar are melted. I take it down and let it cool.

  2. I remove the stem from the cabbage and remove the two outer leaves which I throw away. Simmer over medium heat for about half an hour or until softened.

  3. Cut and grate all the ingredients that you will use and mix all the chopped and grated ones in a bowl. Lightly salt with coarse salt.

  4. Wrap the mixture in the blanched cabbage leaves and make them into dolmadas (rolls).

  5. Place them in a jar with a lid and add in between carrots, peppers, tomatoes, the mixture of chopped vegetables and 2 to 3 whole cloves of garlic in each jar.

  6. Add oil and brine to the jars until the vegetables are well covered

  7. Close the lids.

  8. The next day, add brine if necessary and cover with a film which is pierced in several places so that the pickle can cool down during the fermentation. The fermentation takes about a week.

  9. After fermentation close the lids tightly.

  10. Ready in 15 to 20 days at a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius


For 2 kg of cabbage

The twigs of 2 celery

1 celeriac

8 medium carrots about 1 kg

peppers in different colors

1 kg of unripe tomatoes

some chili peppers (optional)

1 bunch of parsley

10 - 12 cloves of garlic

Coarse salt

For the brine

Per 1 liter of water

350 ml vinegar

125 ml olive oil

75 gr coarse salt

75 gr sugar

1 tbsp. sour

Heading 3

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