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White Cabbage Dolmades with mince meat

With pickled cabbage.


  1. Knead the minced meat with pepper, paprika, onion.

  2. Rinse the pickled cabbage a little, carefully separate the leaves. If the leaves are a little hard in the middle, press them a little with the rolling pin.

  3. Wrap the dolmades, spread any leftover pickles on the bottom of a pot, spread the dolmades on top,

  4. Cover with a plate for weight and add water, to cover dolmades and plate and paprika (2-3 tablespoons, maybe more)

  5. Boil for about an hour.

  6. Halfway through boiling, taste for salt.


For 1 kg of mixed minced pork and beef:

18-20 leaves of whole pickled cabbage leaves

1 cup Carolina rice (160g)

2 finely chopped onions (300g)

3-5 tbsp. sweet paprika

Salt Pepper

Bukovo optional

Olive oil as desired

Heading 3

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